Project Management Process

Supreme Sustainable Systems (Pvt) Ltd has been using the same process, which has proved itself, for all our clients. It is this attention to detail that has built Supreme Sustainable Systems since it started.

Initial meeting – This meeting is a “meet and greet” meeting to discuss the project/plans in order to familiarize ourselves with the clients wants and needs for the Project. We are sure to listen carefully and take detailed notes at this meeting so when we review the plans we can integrate all the custom details our clients would like included in their Project.

Design– If the client has not consulted an engineer, we will hit the drawing board based on items discussed at the initial meeting. We design everything including a system which would meet the loading requirements for the mounting of solar modules on roof tops, stands, car parks of the right type.

Team meeting – Supreme Sustainable Systems calls a meeting at the site of the work to be performed with engineers and project managers to explain the detailed scope of work for his area of responsibility. All labour and materials are specified at these meetings to assure that everyone on the team is on the same page. It is this attention to detail which enables us to ensure that your expectations, as well as ours are clearly understood.

Proposal – Supreme Sustainable Systems is known for having one of the most detailed proposals in the industry. Our proposal outlines everything from site work, all technical work, all finish work, and much more.

Proposal Presentation – Once the comprehensive proposal is complete it is time to meet with the Client again to review the final scope of work. We are able to present the different options in each trade so that the Client can decide exactly what equipment and materials will be used in their project.

Gantt Chart (Schedule) – Building a Custom Solar System, Upgrading involves a great deal of planning. We provide our clients with a detailed installtion schedule, known as a Gantt Chart, so the client knows what is happening and when. This Gantt Chart also includes Engineering decisions so the Client will know the recommended decisions regarding the selection of products being installed.

Contract – Once Supreme Sustainable Systems has come to an agreement with a Client, the contract is signed and it is time to get started!!