This statement sets out how the Supreme Sustainable Systems is committed to achieving the highest standards of SHEQ performance. Supreme Sustainable Systems undertakes all activities in a highly responsible, professional and competent manner and strives to continuously improve performance towards an ultimate objective of zero incidents, injuries, failures or complaints together with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

The SHEQ has been established to lead, coordinate and review the Management System with respect to suitability, adequacy and effectiveness to ensure that the applicable standards are always met. The system includes supporting policies which focus in more detail on specific SHEQ aspects. Our commitments translate into important policy statements and actions:

Safety and Health

  • Promote wellbeing and professional skills, and provide a healthy environment for our employees
  • Develop and provide safe methods of work and appropriate training for all employees and activities.
  • Assess and manage all risks associated with our business operations. Report and investigate all incidents and share learnings across the Company Comply with all applicable laws, directives and industry guidelines.


  • Minimise impact of all operations on the environment.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of operations.
  • Optimise the use of natural resources.


  • Meet or exceed customer requirements in all operations.
  • Maintain a quality management system according across the Company.
  • Report and investigate all complaints and non-conformities and be proactive through communication to our customers and partners in the supply chain.
  • Communicate procedures, best practices and knowledge throughout the Company.


  • Protect staff, assets and information from theft or harm.
  • Store and handle high consequence dangerous goods in compliance with legislation.

Supreme Sustainable Systems invests heavily in the system, training, infrastructures and equipment to run the business following these principles, and all employees must take personal responsibility for the successful implementation of our SHEQ principles in their daily operations.